You have reached the homepage of Jake Vossen, I am currently a graduate student at the Colorado School of Mines pursing a Masters in computer science. I graduated in December 2021 with my B.S, and will graduate December 2022 with an M.S. Currently, I am doing research with Jedidiah McClurg on programming languages and compilers.

Once I graduate, I will join Apple as a 3D UI Frameworks Engineer.

You might be here to check out my projects or perhaps read something I have written.


  • Resume | CV (pdf warning)
  • Virtual Bookshelf (Goodreads) - Whenever I visit someone, I love seeing what is on their bookshelf! I read a mix of digital, physical, and audiobooks, so this is all of that put together.
  • 14er Checklist - Don’t have big plans to get around to all of them but I do enjoy them! Also always looking for hiking partners!
  • Homebrew Tap - some of my software can be installed via Homebrew on macOS