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You have reached the homepage of Jake Vossen, current undergraduate at Colorado School of Mines, majoring in Computer Science.


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Projects (no order)

  • !Backend - A Hack CU VI hackathon project that allows you to deploy a Python backend with zero API deployment expierence, won 4th best overall
  • smtex - A MHacks 11 hackathon project that lets you text a phone number with a LaTeX equation and it responds with a picture of that equation, won the best use of Twilio API (no longer live)
  • cookie-injection-but-with-real-cookies - Hack CU V hackathon game to teach the concepts of cybersecurity to 3rd to 6th graders without any jargon by using actual cookies to represent HTTP requests, and a cookie monster to represent a server, won the "Most Random Hack"
  • this-hackathon-project-isnt-real - Hack UTD VI project that scraped old hackathon projects and used machine learning to predict if future projects would be winners, as well as generate fake hackathon projects
  • check-for-homebrew-alternatives - This program will look at your Applications folder and see if anything from Homebrew can replace it
  • pi-generator-from-blocks - Generate Pi in a ridiculous way using elastic collisions
  • pi-generator-from-random-numbers - Generate Pi from the odds that two random positive integers are co-prime
  • traveling-salesman-haskell - A haskell brute force implementation of the travelling salesman problem
  • oresec-ghidra-talk - A presentation I did for the cybersecurity club about the NSA's open source tool ghidra. It contains examples as well as the presentation slides
  • internet-backpacks - My EDNS 151 (formerly EPICS) final project. It is a tool automate the transportation of digital assets to places without internet
  • APOD BitBar - A BitBar plugin for displaying the Astronomy Picture of the Day in the Mac menu bar.
  • imagify-anything - This is a simple python script that lets you turn a file into a series of low resolution photos for backup purposes
  • oresec-docs - Management for the cybersecurity club, as well as collaboration on the weekly updates
  • Android Phone as Webcam for OctoPrint - An article I wrote for the 3D printer controller software octoprint to use an old Android phone to monitor the progress of 3D prints
  • instapaper-archive.py - A Python script for saving a html/pdf archive of your Instapaper articles
  • prisoner-problem - A solution to the 100 prisoners problem, which is a probability theory problem on how 100 numbered prisoners can all draw their own number from 100 un-numbered drawers
  • openscad-vex-library - A library in the OpenSCAD CAD/Programming language for 3D printing Vex Robotics custom parts
  • percent-done.py - A simple Python script that displays the % done with the hour, day, week, and year in the menu bar
  • countdown-seconds.sh - A simple bash script that displays a countdown in seconds to a specific date in the menu bar
  • Apollo Trivia - An old Android app I wrote to learn more about the Apollo moon missions
  • resume - Git repository for my resume in LaTeX
  • jake.vossen.dev - This website is open source on GitHub

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