Apollo Trivia Entering Maintenance Mode

Apollo Trivia is officially going into "Maintenance" mode. While I have not worked on it for a while, I am officially saying I am not going to provide support / updates for it, and am therefor taking it off the Google Play store. I am doing this for a handful of reasons, mostly I do not have the time / interest in running an Android app anymore, and I don't want it just to fall into bit rot. I enjoyed the learning process, but have moved on (I don't even use an Android anymore). It will remain open source and free to install. I will still be open to PR's and anyone else who wants to be a maintainer.

I think it is all important for us to analyze how we are spending our time and be honest with ourselves when we can't do it all. In this case, I have had some tasks to fix issues / update this project for years, and have not gotten around to it. I have to be honest with myself and realize that I can't do everything, and so I am ending this project.