Smartphone Tracking Dataset Leaked

Published with the title Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy, The New York Times again proves what we have known for a long time, that location data is a major privacy concern.

The Times and other news organizations have reported on smartphone tracking in the past. But never with a data set so large. Even still, this file represents just a small slice of what’s collected and sold every day by the location tracking industry — surveillance so omnipresent in our digital lives that it now seems impossible for anyone to avoid.

While what the Times published is not shocking, it is pretty well known the extent of location data tracking, it is a sobering reminder that we have to be incredibly careful with how we use the devices we keep on us 24/7. Consider this a friendly reminder to go through the permission settings on your phone and disable as much as possible.

Apparently this is part 1 of a series, I am looking forward to the continuation of this.