Apod Bitbar Announcement

I have always had interest in space and enjoyed learning and reading news about it on the side. One of my favorite things that NASA does is a "Astronomical Picture of the Day", or "APOD", which you can find here.

They have it as a RSS feed, there is a community twitter account, there are programs that will set it as a wallpaper, but I wanted it in a different place. I wanted to be able to click on it in the menu bar of my Mac and have it display the image.

And so with some help of the amazing project BitBar, which took all the overhead of dealing with the menu API away, I was able to create a Python script that does an API call to APOD and tries to scrape the image, then converts it to base64 for BitBar to deal with. You can find the script here, or download it directly from the BitBar plugins site.