Goodbye, Keybase

Keybase seemed like a really cool idea. Keyservers have had a history of problems, and while they sorta-solve the problem of distributing keys, they provide no 'verification' that you are who you say you are. Anyone can post a key and claim to be someone - Keybase made that harder because you would also have to have access to that persons accounts / website / wherever. Keybase was interesting because of its incredibly clean way to verify people across multiple accounts and make it easier to use strong encryption to communicate and store files. I honestly really like the idea that Keybase can prove that 'the person who sent you this email is the same person who has this website' - and I am going to miss that feature.

However, Keybase has recently been aquired by zoom. I hope that this increases the abysmal, horrendous, embarrassing security practices and vulnerabilities in Zoom currently. However, this means a company that I am trusting with important cryptographic information is now under a company that primarily does software development in China, which I don't think is realistic considering Zooms past practices with 'encrypted' data and China's attempts to weaken encryption everywhere.

All that to say - I have deleted my Keybase account, along with any lingering verifications I can find. If you would like to verify who I am online, I guess we can do it the old, reliable, email PGP way.