Oeis_min and Oeis_utils Release

Finally had some time to finish up two small projects I have been working on. Well, really one project and the second one is a library that was an easy spinoff. A while ago I was reading the Wikipedia page for the Interesting number paradox. Basically - “the smallest non-interesting number” is interesting because it is the smallest non-interesting number. One way Wikipedia tries to answer this question is to find the smallest number that is not in The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS). When I first started looking into this, I was wondering if the Wikipedia page was out of date. It was not too complicated to download the archive, parse through, and find that yes, indeed, the smallest number not in the database had to be updated. However, I decided to add some polish and release a crate and utility library.


This is a library that parses OEIS archives. In the future, I would like to add the ability download directly from the library, instead of having to manually download the file and pass it into the library.


This is the actual binary project that you can run to find the smallest number not in the OEIS.