Hackathon Projects

Here are my Hackathon projects. If you are unfamiliar with Hackathons, be warned that these are incredibly rapidly thrown together and you should not expect high quality code.

  • !Backend Hack CU VI, 4th best overall - allows you to deploy a Python backend with zero API deployment experience
  • smtex MHacks 11, Best use of Twilio API - lets you text a phone number with a LaTeX equation and it responds with a picture of that equation
  • cookie-injection-but-with-real-cookies Hack CU V, Most Random Hack - a game to teach the concepts of cybersecurity to 3rd to 6th graders without any jargon by using actual cookies to represent HTTP requests, and a cookie monster to represent a server
  • this-hackathon-project-isnt-real Hack UTD VI - Hack UTD VI project that scraped old hackathon projects and used machine learning to predict if future projects would be winners, as well as generate fake hackathon projects

Other Random Projects