Open Source contributions

  • You can see all of my GitHub PR’s here

Random Projects

  • env_assert - A Rust library to assert when an environmental variable is set
  • oeis-utils - A Rust library for parsing OEIS archives
    • oeis-min - A Rust binary for finding the smallest number not in the OEIS
  • watson-vis - Turns Watson time data into a CLI pie chart
  • Are We Yeet Yet? - A fun little tracking site to see if yeet ever gets added as a reserved keyword in Rust
  • check-for-homebrew-alternatives - This program will look at your Applications folder and see if anything from Homebrew can replace it
  • pi-generator-from-blocks - Generate Pi in a ridiculous way using elastic collisions
  • pi-generator-from-random-numbers - Generate Pi from the odds that two random positive integers are co-prime
  • traveling-salesman-haskell - A haskell brute force implementation of the travelling salesman problem
  • oresec-ghidra-talk - A presentation I did for the cybersecurity club about the NSA’s open source tool ghidra. It contains examples as well as the presentation slides
  • APOD BitBar - A BitBar plugin for displaying the Astronomy Picture of the Day in the Mac menu bar.
  • imagify-anything - This is a simple python script that lets you turn a file into a series of low resolution photos for backup purposes. This was for the Computer Science 101 class at Mines, and should not be used in any serious sense.
  • Android Phone as Webcam for OctoPrint - An article I wrote for the 3D printer controller software octoprint to use an old Android phone to monitor the progress of 3D prints
  • - A Python script for saving a html/pdf archive of your Instapaper articles
  • internet-backpacks - My EDNS 151 (formerly EPICS) final project. It is a tool automate the transportation of digital assets to places without internet
  • prisoner-problem - A solution to the 100 prisoner problem, which is a probability theory problem on how 100 numbered prisoners can all draw their own number from 100 un-numbered drawers
  • openscad-vex-library - A library in the OpenSCAD CAD/Programming language for 3D printing Vex Robotics custom parts
  • - A simple Python script that displays the % done with the hour, day, week, and year in the menu bar
  • Apollo Trivia - An old Android app I wrote to learn more about the Apollo moon missions
  • resume - Git repository for my resume in LaTeX

Hackathon Projects

Here are my Hackathon projects. If you are unfamiliar with Hackathons, be warned that these are incredibly rapidly thrown together and you should not expect high quality code.

  • !Backend Hack CU VI, 4th best overall - allows you to deploy a Python backend with zero API deployment experience
  • smtex MHacks 11, Best use of Twilio API - lets you text a phone number with a LaTeX equation and it responds with a picture of that equation
  • cookie-injection-but-with-real-cookies Hack CU V, Most Random Hack - a game to teach the concepts of cybersecurity to 3rd to 6th graders without any jargon by using actual cookies to represent HTTP requests, and a cookie monster to represent a server
  • this-hackathon-project-isnt-real Hack UTD VI - Hack UTD VI project that scraped old hackathon projects and used machine learning to predict if future projects would be winners, as well as generate fake hackathon projects